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a snowy tree
Shahorik gave Oldwoman a snowy tree 8 mins ago
a cherry cake
moka1961 gave Oldwoman a cherry cake 1 hours ago
a fruit tart
Trish gave Oldwoman a fruit tart 5 hours ago
a warming soup
poesen6 gave Oldwoman a warming soup 14 hours ago
a thanksgiving greeting
Didi gave Oldwoman a thanksgiving greeting 1 days ago
a guava
Pearl gave Oldwoman a guava 1 days ago
a winter cherry
marianka gave Oldwoman a winter cherry 2 days ago
a jolly snowman
Asiya gave Oldwoman a jolly snowman 2 days ago
a red hat and scarf
Ulvi2016 gave Oldwoman a red hat and scarf 3 days ago
a chocolate roll
Didi gave Oldwoman a chocolate roll 3 days ago
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